Be Nice.

photo 5

Yes, we photo-bombed everyone’s season pass pictures.

This has probably been one of the more productive Sundays I’ve had in a while. I made a delicious tofu-avocado-quinoa scramble for breakfast that I got to eat for lunch, too. Sometimes things are so tasty you just can’t wait for tomorrow. It was my turn to clean the bathroom this week so I got to scrubbing and sweeping. Once my job was done I rewarded myself with yoga. Yoga has proven to be more important to my life than I originally thought possible. It’s my time to be with myself in a room full of people. Strange concept, huh? This morning was taught by one of my favorite teachers and the tunes and friends were plentiful and great. A sweaty hour and a half later I returned home and took out the recycling. High-five, Earth! I think I put in about two hours worth of schoolwork too, which is better than one. Checked grocery shopping and dinner off the list, and painted my nails. Like I said, this was one of the more productive Sundays I’ve had in a while. Go me.

But enough about this side of the weekend, can we talk about Saturday, please?
Big Sky decided to open their runs for one day only so coach Kev signed us up to shred the 30″ they had gotten this past week. One day it was fall and then I blinked. Winter is here. We took team photos with the nordies up at Bohart Ranch, the nordic center up the road from Bridger. Once we had shown off our dazzling smiles, we piled into the sprinter and were bound for chairlifts and groomers. Well, the charlifts happened but groomers? Not so much. Mr. K, a green run, was open and had just about 2,015 rocks nestled all the way down it. The Triple chair was open for a hot sec too, but the wind got the better of it before long. The good news is any skiing is better than no skiing, and we got about three hours in. Not bad for day one, not bad.
But the one thing that really stood out about this weekend was how people treat other people. At Big Sky it seemed like everyone on the hill had an ego. And a big one at that. I won’t go into a ton of detail because it’s better not to dwell on the things that bring you down, but we had about four separate interactions with other skiers that just weren’t nice. And it sucks because I could feel my head getting big and thinking I was better than everyone else out there just because I’m a decent skier. And honestly, that’s how a lot of other people think when they are out there, too. As ski racers we are taught that we are the fastest and best skiers on the mountain, and it’s easy to develop the mentality that everyone needs to get out of our way because it’s “our” hill.   I think as a community of skiers we can do better to embrace each other. I get a notion of family any time I see someone else in the backcountry, so why can’t we bring that to ski areas? Everyone is out there because they want to have a good time. It doesn’t matter if someone is a “gaper” from Texas, they are skiing because they want to have fun. Because skiing is fun. So the next time you feel yourself getting angry at the people who scream by you, not making a single turn and darn near plowing over a small human, or a middle-aged woman who is pizza-ing like it’s her job, just take a deep breath–and then let your anger go out with your breath. Then smile because you’re skiing.

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