Taco Cat.

This morning I learnt that “taco cat” spelled backwards is still “taco cat.” Ok, so maybe it’d be more like “tac ocat”

The end of pre-season is near! Less than a week until I drive home to Steamboat, accompanied by my good friend and MSU teammate, Jenny Irwin. We won’t be spending American Thanksgiving together, but we’ll be spending 10+ hours in a car together and that’s basically the same thing. Yesterday I managed to get back on snow bringing my day count to 2. Whoop! But yesterday’s focus wasn’t skiing, instead Adam Pohl had the fabulous idea to invite some hoodlums who like to ski back/side country up to Bridger for a beacon search party. Tucked under North Bowl, we divided into smaller groups and spread out to bury beacons. I was with my old neighbor, Suzanne Stevenson, and Emma Bode. One thing we came to realize is how infrequently, if at all, people actually go out and practice using their beacons. And probes. And shovels. Ya, you can take as many avy courses as you can, but actually practicing the stuff is so, so valuable. I think as a community we forget how dangerous our sport really is and how much respect we need to give the mountains, not to mention ourselves. By not practicing searches you’re not really respecting yourself. Another realization we had was how often we go skiing with people we’ve never skied with before. Have they taken an avalanche course? Do they really know how to use a beacon? Would they be able to save your life? All questions we should be asking our ski partners before we go out. And there is no shame in not knowing because you can always learn. There’s no reason to try to protect your ego if it means you can protect someone’s life. The good news is we all had questions, and there we weren’t afraid to ask each other if what we were doing was right or if there was a better way to do something. After every search we did we talked through it and found that there were steps we could take to make ourselves better. It was amazing to me that even though we were just “rescuing” beacons, I still found myself looking at my watch and panicking because it had already been three minutes without digging up the beacon. I’m so glad I got to spend my Saturday in the snow and doing something that really matters in my life. We’ve also decided practices like that should happen a lot more often.

Photo: Una Trivanovic

Last night was the Bozeman Bluegrass fest at the Emerson, so the fun squad was out in full force! Christian and I got there in time to see the last few songs of Laney Lou and the Bird Dogs before my fav’s, the Hollowtops. I think that dancing to the Hollowtops can be counted as a full on workout-sweaty sweaty. Follow them up with the Lil’Smokies and well, what a night of music! There’s something about bluegrass that just makes my heart so happy and my mind so free! I love, love, love it. Also things I love, dinner with my roommates from last year, Katie and Sam Guetz–minus Cassady and plus one radass Bob Marlo. We made beer battered cauliflower tacos and just had a generally fantastic night. Plus I was reunited with the Leo pup and he was so happy to see me! I love it when animals are excited about and remember humans. It’s just a cool interaction. Also how many times am I going to use the word “love” in this post?

Stay happy, friends!


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