Well I’m in full on panic mode as the semester comes to an end, try as I might to not panic. Now is, in fact, the time to panic. I have a meowtain of things all due by next Monday or Thursday, plus a final presentation this Wednesday. And more. But instead of bore you with my stresses, I’ll write you a lovely little blurb about my past week.

photo 5(1)
From left: Tanner Visnick, Jack Rosenthal, Finn Dresen, Charlie Dresen, Mad-dog, Papa Roy

Last Monday and Tuesday I had some amazing downtime that consisted of napping, Netflixing, and visiting with old pals! Wednesday the mountain re-opened (Steamboat) for the Winter Sports Club’s scholarship day so my mama and I went skiing in the morning. The snow was still nice and hard and great for ripping turns on the GS skis. Thursday we skied with the Hostetler’s…well Lissa and Jeff anyways. I would have to wait until that night to be reunited with one of my best friends, Katie Hostetler. When we had had enough people dodging, we McKinstry’s packed up and went home to cook. My mom made a delish vegan roast with mashed potatoes and a lot of veggies while I made vegan brownies to take to Kari’s. Every year since before I was born Kari Nelson has invited people to her house for the biggest Thanksgiving feast I’ve ever been to. Everyone makes a dish, or cooks a turkey, or brings a dessert, and before you know it, you’re stuffed full of Jace’s mom’s orange rolls and the best sweet potatoes I’ve ever had.

photo 3(1)
Charlie and me…ya that happened


photo 2(1)
Love me some Willow time!!

The next two days were spent skiing (of course!) and minimal homework. And naps. Naps. Naps. Naps. I even got to ski withone of my old coaches, Charlie Dresen and a few old teammates! Jenny’s parents and Nicki dropped Jenny back at my house for the drive home, and after my dad insisted they watch Shiffrin’s 3 second slalom win, they left and we ate marvelous soup and hot-tubbed. A perfect end to the break!

Over and out.


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