This life we live is just one big positive circle made up of thousands of other, little circles. It’s weird how a lot of the time, you find yourself in a place you’ve been before, or spent a lot of time in before, only to realize the place hasn’t changed…but you have. But the change in you has made all the difference. And change within ourselves is good. Then there are the people who surround us. Who we surround ourselves with. And when new people come into our lives, it seems like we’re never ready. Or we are completely ready and just didn’t realize that fact within ourselves. Maybe there’s something deep within us that could have told us that change was coming but we just didn’t listen to it. But that’s what makes life fun. The way we act as though we aren’t prepared for anything yet we are prepared for everything.

Tanner Visnick came skiing with me and I convinced him to hit this boulder.

With the new year just hours away, I can’t seem to contain my excitement. I know I will be seeing old friends and carrying them into a new period of time, and I’m sure I will meet some new friends that will join us for the transition of the clock from 15 to 16. This new year means so much for me. The first year of no ski racing, the first year of big mountain tele competitions, my first yoga retreat, the end of my college career, and the beginning of my studies in new countries. I will be walking in the spring with the class of 2016. I’ll end up graduating in the summer after six weeks in Nicaragua where I get to practice my Spanish one on one for two hours a day, and then work in a youth center for two more hours, where I’m excited that Spanish will likely be my only mode of communication. After those six weeks I’ll head down to Costa Rica to start my yoga teacher training.

The whole month of July my life will be dedicated to yoga, how to teach it, how to become more involved with it, the history, the anatomy and oh so much more. But instead of saying I can’t wait, I’m just going to say I’m excited. Because there are so many good things coming my way this year that I can’t let myself fixate to one event in the future. I want to live actively and make sure I’m enjoying every minute of life that is going to eventually put me back in Nosara, Costa Rica, where I took the first yoga class of my life. It was a sweaty, difficult affair in a beautiful jungle studio after which I decided internally that I didn’t really love yoga like everyone told me I should or was going to. And that felt weird. I didn’t want to admit that I didn’t like something that I had only tried once, so I blamed it on the heat and humidity, seeing as we were there right before the rainy season.

But now here I sit, writing about how I’m all signed up to me a yoga teacher and can’t be more thrilled. And this is why life is one big, positive circle, because I will be going back to that same place that I loved, but as a different person. As a person who has used yoga for so much more than “stretching.” It’s gotten me through deaths, injuries-both my own and serious ones that have affected friends, huge transitions in my life where I didn’t think anything was ever going to be consistent–and it’s shown me that one thing remains constant in this ever circular life, and that’s my yoga practice.

My Dad shreds.
Nothing better than a pseudo-class reunion to support Katie Ross!
Morning GS training. I even put on a full-eared helmet!
How Dad drives on a powder day.

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