Green Tea and Charcoal

Well it’s been a hot minute since my last post. But that’s because life has been moving ridiculously fast and I’ve been having so much fun! 2016 has already proven itself to be an awesome year complete with new activities, new beautiful faces, new lines, and scaring myself a little bit more than once a day.


I drove back to Bozeman on the second day of the year and was able to stop in Driggs, Idaho for lunch with my Grandpa Ken who lives in Alta, Wyoming. Just before that I had driven through Jackson Hole and left the front seat of my car open for any skiers looking for a hitch to the top of Teton Pass. I’ve picked up a few before and I always love hearing where they are going to ski, or where they just came from. The roadside was empty though and lunch awaited me on the other side. When I made it home to Bozeman I was greeted by Kari, my roommate on the alpine team here at MSU. Wasting no time, I made plans to ski the next day with Jenny. Bridger was sunny and hardpacked, but we skied the day away and I was so happy to be back in the meowtains of Montana.

Liza and I, feat. kittens
Una and me on our last first day!!!

The fourth day of the year brought me the happiest day so far. Soul sister Liza was in town for a visit. A visit of two weeks. Two action-packed, fun-filled, love-filled, weeks. And that is exactly what they were. I picked her up at the airport at noon that Monday, and filmed the whole thing with my GoPro, the clips are hilarious, I was wearing a tutu and when I saw her, I sprinted through all of the people at the airport and smacked into her with the longest hug. There were traces of tears from both of us and so much laughter. We really made the most of our time together, and while I could write down every little detail of what we did and how we did it, let me just say this. I love my friendship with Liza, she is one of the most positive, happy, ready for anything and everything, wise, kind, loving humans I have ever met. Her energy stays with me even when we aren’t together, and when we are together, I feel more myself than with anyone else. I feel like I can say anything, be anything, do anything, and she will be there for me no matter what. Our conversations allow me to open just a little bit more to everything there is to know about this world, makes me question why things are the way they are, why people do what they do and feel the way they do. I can wear a hot pink tutu over my ski pants and rip turns all day, dancing in the lift lines to the music in our heads, smiling at lifties and saying, “It’s a great day to be alive!” I can go to a bluegrass show and keep learning how to swing dance, not worrying that I am uncoordinated and knowing that Liza is there to laugh through it with me.


IMG_7436 IMG_7433

So while this blog post was originally going to be me sharing my ice climbing experience, my powder day shenanigans, some backcountry hilarious-ness, and some music madness, it is now telling you how much love I have for this life and the people I share it with. So thank you Liza, thank you humans who are in my life, thank you.


Jenny, Me, Liza
Forrest and Sawyer in the 20k NCAA Classic race
Me, Cedar, Tanner, Cory after a day of powder skiing and a classic telemark race!
Me, Alex, Liza: Sunset cuddles atop Peete’s Hill
Belaying Liza



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