Put on a goddamn tutu.

Put on a goddamn tutu, and join me in this dance we call life.
Put on a goddamn tutu, and your smiles will be plentiful.
Put on a goddamn tutu, and every day is the best day.


Because sometimes, life sh*ts on you. Wonderful people die, relationships come to an end, and the world just keeps on spinning as you sit and ponder how half the carton of ice cream(or wine) disappeared in 5 minutes. All you want to do is cry. Feel sorry for yourself. Scream. Get angry. Be angry. You feel lost and confused and like everything is out of your control and you are insignificant. But you’re not. You’re strong and you have this amazing life to live and actually, everything is pretty amazing. Because all the good things cancel out the bad things. It doesn’t mean you have to pretend like bad things don’t happen, because they do, but you need to feel your way through them and cherish the happy times that much more.

Or, if you’re me, you drive all the way to Utah with one of your best friends for a weekend in the sprawling metropolis of meowtains and humans that is Salt Lake. SL,UT. And your parents, old coach, former teammates, friends from high school, friends from Coppercreek, and all around genuine humans will meet you there. And you’ll get to meet some new rad humans who are just as stoked to be living this dance as you are.

Mama, Mad Dog, Papa

When Cory and I got to Utah on Thursday evening, we went straight to the store for dinner ingredients and made dinner with Hannah Barkey, a friend from high school who now lives in Sugahood near Westminster. She was nice enough to let me stay with her for a night this summer along my Lone Wolf Voyage to California, and opened her doors for Cory and I again this weekend. We brought her lots of good Montucky beer, because you know they can’t get that good good in Utah. The next day we met up with my parents at Snow Basin. After driving through smog upon smog, it was fantastic to get up above the smog city for a day of bluebird, spring-like skiing.

McKinstry squad. 

That night Mama and Papa McKinstry took us out to a vegan restaurant in the city; did you know they can make chevre out of almonds?! Me either. HEAVEN ON EARTH IS A REAL PLACE, IT’S CALLED SAGE’S.
Saturday saw another smoggy morning, but once up at Alta, the sun was out to play. Along with 40+ telewhackers looking to have a good time in the course. My mom and dad both raced in the citizens class…along with me. You can call me a sandbagger, but the second day I attempted to ski a few gates switch, and spread eagled off the jump. So while it wasn’t meant to be a “fun” race…I made it one. That afternoon my Dad and I lapped one run that we decided had the best snow on the meowtain, while my mom met us at the bottom after each run-groomers are her forte, however she skied some pretty difficult sh*t this weekend, including a race course, so call me proud. We also caught with with my old coach, Ty Upson, for a few runs. That was neat.

Ya, that happened. 
Ty and Papa Roy scoping out Gun Sight. 

Sunday was windy and cold, but I had my tutu, so nothing could phase me. Skiing switch around gates is harder than I originally had thought, props to David Hobbs for making that look easy. After the race I went to ski pow with Cory and my Dad, but my legs were burning pretty good, so I headed in. But upon getting back to the lodge, Maria, Devon, and new friends Kelly, Stewart, and Mike all convinced me to go back out. Which wasn’t a hard task, skiing is fun, those guys rip, therefore I should go back out. Done.

Mike, that’s not what skis are supposed to look like. 


Tommy G coming out the start gate like, “Hey I’m fast!”

Monday Cory and I stuck around to ski one more morning at Alta and were lucky enough to run into Taylor Johnson, who skis pretty darn hard and works at Freeheel Life, Josh Madsen’s telemark specific store in downtown Salt Lake. Lapping with locals is always a treat. He had actually just gotten back from a trip to Montana, where he skied Bridger and Big Sky. I was bummed I wasn’t up here to show him around! But the Grand Targhee Tele Comp is just about two weeks away…I’m going to try and convince some people to follow me back to Bridger and keep the tele mobbing going!

My mom is FABULOUS.
Taylor making it look deeper than it was. 
Cold chickadees, they had fun I promise!
My Valentine. Vegan raspberry poppyseed lemon cake. 
Side-stepping into the sky. 
Elyse and Blaine, my co-workers from the summer! Coppercreek love. 

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