You’ve cat to be kitten me right meow.

Bridger is closed? I got a new meowtain bike? I have 17 days to write 30+ pages for my capstones? One month to graduation?
I feel like my season, which for me started just before Halloween, morphed into one big checklist. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. More like this season I had so many things to look forward to. Kalispell visits, a hut trip, powder days, a Liza visit, Alta, a parent’s visit, Targhee, NCAA’s in Steamboat, Moab, Bridger closing day…and now what’s left is Big Sky pond skim and hopefully some touring days. Then biking season is upon us and BOOM, I peace out to Mexico on a week long yoga retreat and come home to graduate and then leave for Nicaragua for 6 weeks. After that it’s on to Costa Rica for my 200 hour YTT. See what I mean by checklist? I could have used the word “then” about ten different times there, but somewhere during my education I learned that saying “and then, and then, and then…” is super annoying.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is my life is pretty fantastic. And while yes, I’m slightly freaking out about life come August, I’m also trying to give all of my attention and energy to the present moment, listening to my thoughts about the future but not letting them cloud my present experiences.

Here’s what I know about my life post-desert.

1. We got home and that weekend, about 100 people dressed up in 80’s gear to shred Bridger for the day. Smiles and stoke were endless.

Una, Erin, Mad Dog, Gretchen. 

2. Sunday Una and I did our first, and most likely last Saddle lap of the season.

3. The following Monday I dropped all of my responsibilities to ski 11″ of fresh with my roommate Erin, and friends Colleen and Marissa. Thank you Erin for rallying the crew and making me check the snow report while laying in bed. And thank you Marissa for following me down Jaws. It was on my hit list all season.
4.. Tuesday I got a Spire pass, and have consistently been making a fool out of myself pretending to be a climber.

5.. April 1st the babes of 707 put on our finest denim and skipped classes to bbowlside.

Erin, Gretchen, Mad Dog, Una. ALBUM DROPPING SOON. 

6. Saturday Kari organized the ski team winter Olympics; I was on team Norway. And while I emerged triumphant in the beacon search, we tied for last.


7. Yesterday I skied the last day of Bridger’s season wearing red onesie pajama’s and a tutu, along with Danielle, Gretchen, and Aidan. We got our last ridge lap in and while it was pretty slushy, we giggled so much. It was something ridiculous like 65 degrees, and today, well, it’s currently snowing.

Mad Dog, Danielle, Gretchen. 

And tomorrow? Who knows.


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