Where I’m headed.

Where I’m headed, it’s sun and sand. Dirt and trees. Where I’m headed, there’s no snow and no English. New faces, new places.

You graduated. Meow what? Quit asking people what they plan to do now that they’ve graduated college and are “moving onto the real world.” There is no such thing as the “real world.” We’re all living in whatever world works for us. The world I’ve been living in for the past 21 years is real as shit to me and I’m sick of people telling me that I’m all grown up and now life is going to get real and hard and complicated. It’s not. I’m going to continue to do whatever it is that makes me the happiest version of myself, and make the most out of the life I am living. For whatever reason, I am lucky enough to be living a life where I got to grow up skiing and attending school and all these other great things that most humans don’t have access to.

Thankz mom&dad

I graduated from college this past Saturday. Most people don’t get to say that. But instead of graduating and “moving on,” I have set myself up for #operationfakegraduation. If you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed that since the first day of classes this semester, I have been using it on all of my photos. This is because I’m actually graduating this summer. I need six more credits to officially graduate, and rather than go part time in the fall and pay ridiculous amounts of money, I decided to finish out my college career in Nicaragua. I’ll be attending the Dariana Spanish School in León, Nicaragua, with one on one Spanish lessons for two hours a day, followed by two hours of volunteering at Las Tías, an after school program for kids in León. I leave just a week after having walked across the graduation stage and receiving an empty diploma holder, which after these six weeks it will hopefully be well, not empty?

Un-dog and Maddawg, college educated.

On more hopeful notes, I am going to do my best to keep my blog rolling through the summer, so you can follow my travels(if you want) through Nicaragua. I can’t promise anything after these next six weeks, though. I’m headed to Costa Rica for another month in July to embark on what I’m told is the most magical and amazing journey, my yoga teacher training. I got a large shipment of books before I left Steamboat, books on meditation and teaching yoga, how the body works and the chakras. It was like my birthday came early, and I can’t wait to start geeking out on all these fabulous books. The week before finals, I took off to México for a yoga retreat with my mom, where we did yoga twice a day with guided meditation and optional workshops. I wasn’t too nervous about my yoga teacher training before then and if it would be “the right thing for me” but after that week, I now know yoga is the path my life is taking. Wants to take. Needs to take. A week immersed in it was powerful and everything I could ask for, but now I know that the month of July will be even more powerful and life changing. There are so many bright things on the horizon that I legitimately burst into tears of happiness the other day, because all of a sudden I realized how much I love all of the people I surround myself with, and that they actually care about me, too (shoutout to Ryan Frank, the tears started with you.) But those same tears that started with the departure of a best friend onto new adventures quickly turned into tears for myself, starting my new adventure. Tears of leaving people I love behind, but knowing they will always be somewhere in the world, ready to reconnect with open arms, as I will be for them. Tears for the fact that life is good. Really, really good.

Many, many loafs. Shoutout to the Babes of 707!

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