Well, I quit my job. If it doesn’t make you happy, don’t do it, right?

Garden of 1,000 Buddhas, Arlee, MT.

I’ve heard this my whole life, yet for some reason it’s actually really hard to quit doing something that provides you with a steady income (at least enough to pay the bills) and gives your day some kind of structure. Somewhere along the timeline of this winter, I realized that having to go into work at 2pm or 3pm wasn’t truly allowing me to ski as much as I wanted. And that was supposed to be the whole point of this winter: ski as much as possible. Most days I would get a full morning of skiing in, rush home, shove food in my face, take a quick rinse off, and bolt to work. By the time I got home around 9pm, I was tired and annoyed and would go straight to bed. No reading, no journalling, no talking. Just sleep. It began to feel like skiing was taking over my life, mainly because that was the thing I wanted to do the most, but it was also the thing that made me feel like I was always in a rush. The longer I skied, the less time I had to transition to work-even though work meant throwing on a hat, keeping my same messy braid, slipping into danskos and asking people what kind of spread they wanted on their sandwich. It was probably a long time coming, but at some point I became so frustrated with the Co-Op that I hated work. (I could say more about why working for the Co-Op was not ideal, but overall it’s a good old corporate company that’s just fine, and I’ll leave it at that). I went to college, worked my ass off for a degree, and now was making sandwiches and putting pickles into zip-lock baggies? My god. I’m all for having an easy job that pays alright, and I realize most people would be more than happy to be living the life I do, but I want to be working a job that 1. I like, 2. makes me use my brain, and 3. makes me a valued member of the community. The other day I was taking my friend Miles to his PT appointment, and he asked me if I had to work at noon. I told him no, that I worked at 2 and he looked at me and asked if I didn’t get paid to teach yoga. I do and that day I was teaching a class at noon. Right there I realized yoga is the kind of “job” I should be seeking out. It matches all the requirements I listed that the Co-Op job didn’t. Yoga requires me to step out of my comfort zone and stand in a room full of people, where I’m propped up on this platform demonstrating postures for everyone to see. My hands are constantly sweaty and in my head I feel like my voice shakes and cracks throughout all of class, but somehow students keep coming back to my classes and more and more I have people approaching me outside of the studio to say ‘hi’ or wonder when I’ll be teaching my next class. Interactions like these make me all giddy inside because it means that I am managing to lead others through a flow that allows them to connect to their mind, body, and breath enough that they want to talk about it after class, or remember who I am when we aren’t in the studio. And that’s amazing to me because I was, and still am, that student who idolizes my yoga teachers, looking up to them and hoping that one day I can lead a class like they do. I think the biggest thing that teaching yoga has taught me, and something they emphasized in yoga teacher training, is confidence. Confidence allows you to project your voice. To talk bodies into postures. To coax loud sighs out of stressed lungs. To guide a savasana where the mind slows. To give students the confidence to chant with you. And the most important part of confidence? It encourages others to be confident in themselves, it’s contagious. Bring each other up instead of push each other down.

Because denim is the new Gor-tex.

OK tangent done. In other news, funemployment has been SO FUN!
So far I’ve gone up to Missoula to see The Infamous Stringdusters, scooted up to Kalispell for a Cassady, Nathan, Maggie, Cole, Sandy visit, which also included a visit to West Glacier where I will be guiding on the Flathead river this summer. Oh right, I’m finally going to be a river guide! After applying with about 10 different companies on rivers all over the west, I received a bunch of job offers, 2 from companies in West Glacier and decided I was meant to stay in Montana. Getting call backs for interviews was probably the most exciting part due to the fact that I’ve wanted to be a guide since I was little, and have realistically thought about it for about the past four summers, where one thing or the other happened and it never worked out. I’ll head up there the last week in May, where my seven weeks of funemployement will come to an end…but I’m pretty sure being a river guide still counts as employment that is also a heck of a lot of fun…so still funemployed??

Bridger busking before the show.
Skied Whitefish for the first time in 6 years, plus Cass is tele skiing meow!
Beer is GOOD.

When I returned from Kalispell, Una was in town and Steph, Una, Emily and I made a trip into Hyalite to glamp in the Window Rock cabin. Steph is doing a project on backcountry cabins in the area, rented out a bunch of them, and let us all come along!

Oh ya, Una, Kari and me tried to ski History Rock…um.
What do you do for fun in Montana?
Emily, Una, Me, Steph.

Friday we biked Lewis and Clark on the last day of March–first ride of the season!

Get it, Gretchen!

And then the weekend was spent in various outfits to celebrate Bridger’s closing weekend.

Me, Gretchen, Una


Jenny being fab.

Yesterday Cory and I decided to make the trek into Beehive Basin, somehow in my five years of living here I’ve never even hiked in there in the summer. But not to worry, we still didn’t get there, instead we took a turn and ended up in Bear Basin, which if you ask me (or Cory) was the better place to ski for the day, and we still got to peer over the edge into Beehive, surrounded by jagged peaks and with amazing views of Lone peak and really every other meowtain you can see from up there.

I’ll be leaving for a trip down to Utah sometime next week to help judge the smelly kneepad at Alta and partake in their closing shenanigans such as the Frank. And besides that, you can find me literally anywhere doing pretty much anything, so if you have an open schedule and want to do fun things, holla atcha gurl because she’s funemployed!!

Much loaf.



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