Well, I quit my job. If it doesn’t make you happy, don’t do it, right? I’ve heard this my whole life, yet for some reason it’s actually really hard to quit doing something that provides you with a steady income (at least enough to pay the bills) and gives your day some kind of structure. […]

Spread Telemark.

“Yup, this was the first place you were ever on skis…6 months old and nestled into my pack as I skinned under Shoshone; at least until the state of Wyoming told us it was illegal to ski with a child in your backpack,” my dad told me as we drank a beer and looked up […]

Green Tea and Charcoal

Well it’s been a hot minute since my last post. But that’s because life has been moving ridiculously fast and I’ve been having so much fun! 2016 has already proven itself to be an awesome year complete with new activities, new beautiful faces, new lines, and scaring myself a little bit more than once a […]

Taco Cat.

This morning I learnt that “taco cat” spelled backwards is still “taco cat.” Ok, so maybe it’d be more like “tac ocat” The end of pre-season is near! Less than a week until I drive home to Steamboat, accompanied by my good friend and MSU teammate, Jenny Irwin. We won’t be spending American Thanksgiving together, […]