Where I’m headed.

Where I’m headed, it’s sun and sand. Dirt and trees. Where I’m headed, there’s no snow and no English. New faces, new places. You graduated. Meow what? Quit asking people what they plan to do now that they’ve graduated college and are “moving onto the real world.” There is no such thing as the “real […]

Sh*t skier girls say: Desert edition

“Sorry mom, but I don’t think I’m going to be vegan this week–Spring Break.” “I can’t find my birks!” “We lost our voices.” “Oww that was my vagina bone!” “I’m not wearing underwear with my bike shams.” “I’m not wearing a bra.” “I need a chest mount.” “A chest harness?” “Chest.” “A Chesty?” “Was the […]

Pony Keg.

“Why is my life like a ski movie?!” Ian shouted as we skinned up the creek. The past seven days of skiing have been magical, and seeing as it’s continuing to dump here in Bozeman, I don’t expect anything but magical days for the foreseeable future. This past Sunday, Gerrit Egnew invited Christian and I […]