Put on a goddamn tutu.

Put on a goddamn tutu, and join me in this dance we call life. Put on a goddamn tutu, and your smiles will be plentiful. Put on a goddamn tutu, and every day is the best day. Because sometimes, life sh*ts on you. Wonderful people die, relationships come to an end, and the world just […]

Jessie’s Girl

This weekend saw a trip up to Kalispell for two day’s training at Blacktail Mountain. And if you’re asking yourself where the heck that is, don’t worry. I didn’t know either. But it’s just about 25 miles south of Kalispell, up a long dirt road. The resort overlooks the Flathead Valley and you can see […]

Green Tea and Charcoal

Well it’s been a hot minute since my last post. But that’s because life has been moving ridiculously fast and I’ve been having so much fun! 2016 has already proven itself to be an awesome year complete with new activities, new beautiful faces, new lines, and scaring myself a little bit more than once a […]

Pony Keg.

“Why is my life like a ski movie?!” Ian shouted as we skinned up the creek. The past seven days of skiing have been magical, and seeing as it’s continuing to dump here in Bozeman, I don’t expect anything but magical days for the foreseeable future. This past Sunday, Gerrit Egnew invited Christian and I […]


How many of you reading this ski in the backcountry? How many of you reading this know people who ski in the backcountry? Trick question, if you’re reading this, then you know me, and I do that! It seems to me like sidecountry/backcountry exploring is growing in participants. Maybe it’s just because I live in […]