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“Yup, this was the first place you were ever on skis…6 months old and nestled into my pack as I skinned under Shoshone; at least until the state of Wyoming told us it was illegal to ski with a child in your backpack,” my dad told me as we drank a beer and looked up […]

Put on a goddamn tutu.

Put on a goddamn tutu, and join me in this dance we call life. Put on a goddamn tutu, and your smiles will be plentiful. Put on a goddamn tutu, and every day is the best day. Because sometimes, life sh*ts on you. Wonderful people die, relationships come to an end, and the world just […]

Jessie’s Girl

This weekend saw a trip up to Kalispell for two day’s training at Blacktail Mountain. And if you’re asking yourself where the heck that is, don’t worry. I didn’t know either. But it’s just about 25 miles south of Kalispell, up a long dirt road. The resort overlooks the Flathead Valley and you can see […]

Falling Out of Love.

With ski racing. And it’s ok. Because I’m falling in love with what skiing really is. A lifelong sport that can take you so many places. I guess my realtionship with ski racing started falling apart two seasons ago, when I suffered one of those nagging injuries that no one wants to sit out from […]